Thursday, October 25, 2012

Using the Cold Shot Button

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 On most blow dryers, there is a button above the heat and/or speed setting buttons. You just press the button and it stops the dryer from creating heat. Or, if you have a good dryer, it should turn your dryer into a mild air conditioner. But why do dryers have this feature? Believe it or not, it does a number of things in one simple step.

Heat changes the physical bonds of the hair temporarily. It will create curl where there is straightness, and will straighten out curl.  Cold air closes the cuticle layer of the hair.  This reaction causes many benefits to your hair's style. 

If the cuticle is sealed, the hair will reflect light better because it's surface is smoother, which in turn will make your hair look shinier and healthier.

Also, smoothing the cuticle layer will reduce frizziness and tangles because each strand will be getting caught less on the surrounding strands.

Another benefit to using the cold shot is what it does for your scalp.  Cooling your scalp down after blow drying it will close up the pores on the scalp leaving your scalp in better condition because less moisture will be lost, so if you have dry flaking, that will improve some. 

It will also reduce how much oil your scalp produces, so your hair won't need to be washed as often which is better for the health of the ends of your hair.  The oil from your scalp is precious to the ends because it protects it from becoming over damaged in the elements.

The cool shot will also help with keeping volume in your hair.  Heat left in your hair will allow your hair to flatten out while your style is setting in place.  If you like volume, using the cool shot will help to keep as much volume as possible in your hair. 

Also, by reducing how much oil your scalp is producing, it will reduce how much the oil will weigh your root down, leaving your volume intact longer through the day.

When using the cool shot button, you only need to hold the button down and roughly blow dry the hair.  If you're looking for volume, flip your head upside down and shake your hair with one hand while aiming the nozzle of the dryer at your hair.  After about 15 seconds, flip your head right side up and use the cold shot to smooth your style back in place with your fingers. 

If you're looking to smooth your hair out, tilt your head backwards and aim the dryer down the hair shaft, smoothing your fingers through your hair.  You only need to hit your hair with the cold shot for about 15-20 seconds.  You will feel the hair physically cool down.  Just give it a few more seconds after that point to ensure that it is fully cooled down.  Then, your style is complete and ready for the day.

So, now you understand how one simple step is capable of doing so many things.  I hope that you start using this feature and learn how much better your hair can look.

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